How to find my photos? 
The search engine takes into account all the words of the name of your photo file. For example, you can put your nickname at the beginning of the name, eg Gizdit – Geocoin.png, another example for an event: Geonord – MEGA 2018.jpg.

Why include keywords in photo file names? 
The use of keywords is not mandatory, but just recommended. This is useful for finding your photos rapidly, and it helps people who are looking for a specific object. Adding 1 or 2 keywords allows the search engine to provide an initial selection.

Some ideas of keywords: your pseudo, mega, T5, 2018, etc…

I have an identical geocoin and travel bug, ex: The Pirate Mary Hyde set, what do I do? 
No problem, you can give the same name to both objects. One will be classified among the Travel bugs and the other one among the Geocoins. Both will be visible in the general search.

How to erase the traceable code or crop my photos? 
You will find several sites to edit your photos online and several applications on phone or tablet.
Online websites: Fotor or Ipiccy
Applications: PiscArt (Android) / Photo Editor (Iphone)
Free software :

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