Feed the database
Read before uploading your photos 🙂

Here are some information to participate in the database of geocoins, geowoods and Travel Bugs. 
If you want to find all your photos easily, put your nickname or a keyword (see Help and contact) at the beginning of the name of your photo file, for example: Gizdit – Commodore 64.png. 
The search engine will display all photos that start with Gizdit. 
Very important: do not forget to hide the trackable code on the photos of your Geocoins, Geowoods or Travel Bugs, so that nobody can activate them for you!

1 Step 1
Geocaching nickname:Welcome!
Several authorized files, preferably from the collection you have chosen: Geocoin, Geowood or Travel Bug! Thank you
cloud_uploadSelect your photos files (type: jpeg,jpg,png,gif,bmp)
Very important