Welcome to you, geocaching friends! 
With Geocaching, I also discovered traveling objects. 
The two types that come directly to mind are Geocoins and Travel Bugs, which have a code to be tracked on the Geocaching site. Then, less known, there are geowoods, which are not necessarily traceable, but are collected as much as the other two travelling objects. 
Hence the idea of creating this site, which is a space for geocachers to present their collections of objects through a database powered by yourself and completely free!

Being myself a collector of travelling objects, with a preference for the geocoins, I found it unfortunate not to be able to share my collection with anyone. Indeed, there comes a time when all these small pieces of metal, as pretty as they are, begin to weigh in our backpacks, which makes them untransportable and are rarely left out of their binders.

The purpose of this website is to create a database of photos of travelling objects, searchable by everyone. You have two ways to participate in making it grow: the first by remaining anonymous, and the second, leaving a trace of you through the list of participants.

With this site, you will have the opportunity to access your Geocoins, Travel Bugs and Geowoods at any time! Indeed, if you add your nickname at the beginning of the name of your photo files, you will easily find your collection thanks to the search engine. Everything is done without registration and is of course completely free!

We thank you for your contribution and do not hesitate to talk about it to your geocachers friends! The more we share, the more objects we’ll be able to admire!



Travel Bugs